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Less than not enough money from the Social? Make them PAY!

Info for everyone who

  • lives in a camp or Übergangswohnheim and
  • lives alone or alone with children and
  • receives money from the Social under AsylblG

If you live alone or alone with your children in a camp or „Übergangswohnheim“, then it is very likely, the social is paying less money to you than they legally should. Since 2019, the Social is cutting 10 % off your money!

They claim, you can save that money by sharing with your neighbors like a family e.g., instead of 364 € every month you only receive 328 €.

That is injustice! Some courts recently found that it is against the constitution.

Act up!

We suggest that you (and everyone else affected) formally file an objection. If sucessful, you‘ll get payed your 10 % for now and also for the last year, which is from 35 to 45 € per month. You will only be refunded if you file an objection during this year.

We support you!

What you can do now:

  • Fill the enclosed questionnaire
  • Copy or a scan of your latest letter from the Social:„Bescheid über Leistungen nach dem Asylbewerberleistungsgesetz (AsylbLG)“ (It is best to have all pages copied)

Email these documents to us:

or via post or personally:
Flüchtlingsrat Bremen
St. Jürgen-Straße 102
28203 Bremen