Letter to the authorities by the residents of the camp
Lindenstraße – Together We Are Bremen Bündnis

This open letter has been written by the residents of the camp Lindenstraße and has been handed over to the AWO management of the camp and several other institutions in Bremen responsible for the situation those at the camp are facing currently during the corona pandemic.


Dear Sir/Madam,

We are writing to you to let you know that we are also human. Our health matters to us if it does not mean anything to you.

Since the pandemic, we the people of Lindenstraße live in fear. As the number of cases of corona virus keeps growing/increasing we are living in even more fear. We still have three to four people in a room. We use the same bathrooms, the same toilets and the same door handles. The rooms are without windows and the only windows are in the corridors but are never opened, therefore we lack fresh air to breathe.

Putting one part of the floors on quarantine is not the solution as we all mingle after fire alarms.
Adding new people or new comers to those already on quarantine is scary and worrisome, putting those under quarantine at more risk.

Only the securities and the workers from AWO are protected with mask and gloves and also with hand-sanitizers. You are really careless about us.

All these virus spreading in Lindenstraße could’ve been avoided if you had take heed from our first demonstration calling Lindenstr. to be shut down with total transfer of everyone to homes, hostels and hotels.
We are also aware of the repression and threats you and your securities are posing on the people after demonstration.

We also condemn any transfers out of bremen. We believe it’s the right of every human being to choose where he or she wants to live without force or pressure.

In this time of pandemic even prisoners are been let out of prisons cells and refugees been granted papers. This is the time when people are even more united. With one aim to fight against one enemy which is Corona virus but not to cornered certain group of people.

We demand that everyone in Lindenstr. camp to be evecuated to homes and hotels or hostels in order to safe us from corona the deadly virus.
Put yourself in our shoes for a day then you’ll feel what we have been feeling.

“SHUT DOWN LINDENSTR and LEAVE NO ONE BEHIND” We hope to hear from you the soonest.

Thank you,
us from camp Lindenstr.